basement wall reinforcement and support

The Reinforcer® Carbon Fiber Foundation Repair Solution - Design & Installation Guidelines

how to fix basement wallsThis design guide uses and recommends the most current ACI 318 document, NCMA (National Concrete Masonry Association), and the current ACI state of the art practice for the design of external bonded reinforcement.

For your convenience, our manual is available in its entirety or in separate chapters for you to download. Our manual requires the Adobe® Reader®. If you do not currently have the plug-in installed on your system, it is available for free from Adobe®

Note: All files are password protected. If you do not have one, please call 1-877-33FORCE (36723)
Chapter 1 - Introduction [12.4KB]
Chapter 2 - System Properties and Technical Data [34.7KB]
Chapter 3 - Engineering Design and Analysis [30.2KB] | - Spacing Charts [65.7KB]
Chapter 4 - Installation Procedures [624KB] | - Diagrams [291KB]
Chapter 5 - Quality Control and Quality Assurance [10.4KB]
Chapter 6 - Specifications [21.2KB]
Chapter 7 - Testing [166KB]
Chapter 8 - Definitions [14.6KB]
Appendix [13.4KB]


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